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Each Public Sector Program is accountable for the information it uses, discloses, retains
from collection through to destruction:

  • Public Sector Services collect, use, disclose, retain, and destroy information
  • Typically involve the public, other jurisdictions, partners, other program areas within the jurisdiction and shared support services
  • Could involve multiple Private, Community and Public Clouds

Managed Cloud Services for Public Sector need to deliver integrated solutions for Relationship Management, Information Management, Privacy and Security requirements.


Most public sector program service activities are generic and common across government programs. Only a small portion is specific to the Program’s service outcomes. To increase Program agility and reduce costs, cloud based Program Infrastructure Services (E.g. shared services, processes, resources) should be used to create and operate a Public Sector program. Most of these Program Infrastructure Services should be generic & shared.


A Hybrid cloud strategy is needed to manage Program services and information.  It should leverage:

  • Community Clouds (e.g. Cross Jurisdiction, eHealth, Shared Service(OSS, OPS ITS)) to share IT software, platforms and infrastructure
  • Public Sector partner clouds
  • Vendor clouds

In my presentation on Cloud Information MAPs, I proposed a different view of Public Sector Clouds based on a managed service view:



1. “The Cloud” is made up of clouds with different Trust levels:

  • Public - Open;
  • Semi-Private – Controlled community;
  • Private Clouds – Controlled roles and permissions

2. Hybrid clouds can contain:

  • Connections (Information Exchanges, Interactions, Interfaces)
  • Control Zones (Service Access, Connection Channels, Permissons, Workflow, Data/Applications)
  • Management Domains (Accountability, Management and Support)

3. We need to be able to manage information across and within Clouds


4. Public Sector solutions are Hybrid Clouds


Cloud Service Management, Information Management, Access, Privacy and Security all need to be integrated "By Design".


The following provides a link to my full presentation, on the verney website, which discusses information risk management for Public Sector Information across cloud based services:



Managing Information in the Public Sector Conference 2010 – Shaping the New Information Space.





Fred Nagy, CMC, PMP, ITIL

416 580 7857


Solutions in Context - "Cloud integration for Public Sector solutions"


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Fred Nagy
April 22, 2018
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