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Public Sector Service Strategy - The Hybrid Enterprise Journey



The Ontario Public Sector has been adopting hybrid enterprise service solutions - combinations of alternate service delivery models, virtual organizations with partners, Enterprise solutions (COTS, Cloud, Managed Services),  third party services, and shared services (business and I&IT) as part of an innovation agenda to get better value for the people of Ontario.


The result is a greater need to regularly and easily release sets of integrated change (business, information, IT and security services) into Ontario. 


Business and I&IT Service transformation needs to be managed as a continuous, responsive, controlled and natural process within business operations.


Business and I&IT Services need to adopt both continuous step-wise improvement, and periodic disruptive change (e.g. due to strategic shifts) in discrete steps that add value to the People of Ontario.


The Business and I&IT Service transformation processes should:

  • Define and enable step-wise improvement through regular releases of static and dynamic combinations of business, information, IT and security products, processes, services, and relationships.
  • Improve end to end service management across organization, relationship, geographic, jurisdiction, technology, vendor, and role boundaries.


Successful execution of integrated Business and I&IT Service Strategy requires a business model that embraces:

  • Continuous Business Innovation Program - Supports strategy execution as a multi-year journey which is undertaken in discrete steps that release change into the business
  • Hybrid Enterprise Business Service Model and Relationships - Supports public, community and private combinations of clients, customers, partners, other stakeholders and staff to deliver and manage service
  • Business Service Release Management - Stages evolution through semi-annual release of changes to client/customer services through dynamic, loose-coupling of end to end managed services provided by business partners and suppliers (includes business and IT, internal and external)
  • Business Service Platform - Integrated business, information, technology and Security capability which enable service release over time through combinations of partner and supplier services
  • Supplier Service Platform - Integrated combinations of  process, information, application, application platform, and infrastructure to enable partners and suppliers to participate in service releases

Enabling the first or next release of an enterprise business and I&IT service is really about establishing the go-forward service management organization and providing it the business model and tools to enable the journey required to execute the enterprise service strategy.




Fred Nagy, CMC, PMP, ITIL

416 580 7857


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Fred Nagy
April 22, 2018
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