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The real puzzle continues to be how to effectively deliver and manage I&IT services of value to users.


I&IT organizations in North America are focusing on delivery of services as a utility over a hybrid network (partners, suppliers, people, processes, technology).  Consultants can assist Organizational I&IT with:

1. “Keeping the Lights On” - I&IT needs to ensure productions services are available and work properly all the time. Most I&IT organizations are working their way up the infrastructure, platform, application, ITSM and business process levels. Non-functional requirements and new business service solutions are needed to balance service stability, resilience, agility, and economic value.

2. “Simple, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device” - Consumer devices have raised the bar and are challenging the approaches for IT- User service.  Service Solutions need to be more elegant.

3. “Integrated but Protected” - Service integration is increasingly complex, while tolerance for customer information breaches continues to drop.  I&IT organizations need security architecture and solutions for end-to-end information protection.

4. “I&IT Business Value” - I&IT organizations regularly need to justify their business existence and their Department’s future. They need to effectively integrate the user application, personal device, managed service, shared service, cloud computing, partner and outsourced models of service delivery to provide measurable business value.

5. “Effective Program and Project Management” - All projects are “business” projects, not just “IT” projects, and must be able implement tangible business change – either directly to the organization’s business or to the business of I&IT in the organization.  Planning and managing business change is still a critical challenge for most I&IT organizations





Fred Nagy, CMC, PMP, ITIL

416 850 7857


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Fred Nagy
April 22, 2018
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