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Management and I&IT Consulting Services



Enterprise Digital Risk Management and Effectiveness (EDRME)


  • Digital Resilience Assessment
    • Current Situation  
    • Mitigation and Improvement Recommendations
    • Facilitation, Research, and/or Briefings 
  • EDRME Program Start-up
    • ​Mitigation and Improvement Priorities
    • ​Rolling Three Year Plan Baseline
    • Governance Process
    • Policies and Procedures
  • Annual Review and Plan Refresh
    • Board/Executive/CIO Alignment Diagnostics
    • Ecosystem Alignment Diagnostics
    • Organization Digital Effectiveness Diagnostics
    • EDRME Plan Refresh


Program and Project Management

  • Planning
  • Execution Management - Business Transformation, I&IT SDLC, Procurement and Vendor Management
  • Risk Assessment and Management


Digital Transformation

  • Enterprise Digital Risk Management and Effectiveness

  • Digital Strategy

  • Digital Design

  • Digtial DevOps

  • Digital Supply Changed

  • Enabling Hybrid Enterprises

  • Transforming the Business Of I&IT
  • Driving I&IT Enabled Business Innovation
  • Enabling Client Centred Service


Architecture - Strategy, Requirements and Design

  • Enterprise  

    • Governance and alignment across Enterprise, Service, and Solution boundaries

    • For all Domains (Business, Application, Information, Infrastructure, Technology, Security, Privacy)

  • Solution Release 

    • End to end integrated service solution (components, go-live, operation, service management, continuity, disaster recovery, change management, QA)

  • Service Management

    • Business and I&IT Operations solution (integrated business, I&IT)

    • For managing, reporting and acting on  Events,  Alerts, Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Production Alerts, Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Release Management

  • Hybrid Integration

    • Business and I&IT service solution for connections, service linkages, information exchange, access control and service management

  • Acquired Service

    • Business Relationships and Delivery -- Outcomes, Partners, Managed Services, Resource Management

    • Service and COTS acquisition, enterprise integration and implementation

  • I&IT Enterprise - services and  management for the 'business' of I&IT within and across the hybrid organization


Shared Services

  • Strategy

  • Requirements

  • Architecture and Design

  • Solution Development and Deployment

  • Quality Assurance
  • Implementation
  • Support


OPS Vendor of Record for Management Consulting

  • All Categories



OPS Vendor of Record for Task Based I&IT Consulting

  • Architecture - all roles

  • Solution Deployment - all roles

  • Quality Assurance - all roles




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